Vasco Porcallo de Figueroa
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The following will correct some of the published information on the Vazquez Valdes de Coronado family, which appears in  Historia Familias Cubanas (HFC) Vol. VII  pags. 402 to 406 by the the Earl of Jaruco.  All this information is taken from an unpublished manuscript,  Libro de las Familias de Bayamo, (LFB), finished on November 15, 1778  by Cpt. Pedro del Prado  Pardo y Ricardo.  I have only made an extract of the pertinent information rather than a literal transcription to allow for a more correct translation.
#1.- Cpt.PEDRO VAZQUEZ VALDES DE CORONADO, was the first member of this family who came to  Santiago de Cuba. He was born in Salamanca, son of  another Francisco Vázquez Valdés de Coronado and  Luisa de Estrada y Bazán, therefore, uterine brother  of Cpt. Andrés Duque de Estrada.
In 1570 he was Lieutenant General in Santiago de Cuba.  He later moved and settled in San Salvador de Bayamo, where he married MARIA DE MIRANDA, dau. of Alonso Martín de Frutos, born in Cuéllar, Segovia, and Teresa de Miranda.  They had issue: Teresa, Francisco, Alonso, Pedro Vázquez y María de Miranda.  Their Last Will and Testament was recorded at Oficio del Número for the year 1621.  
#2.- Teresa de Miranda, the mother, said she was a sister of Juana Casas Carvajal, and Juana herself declared that her parents were Jerónimo Cáceres Carvajal and María Pérez, and said Jerónimo has been Alcalde ordinario (Judge) of Bayamo, who also later married Bernardina Bardeci, his second wife, but had no issue with her.             
#3.- Teresa Vázquez, first child of #1, married twice: M1-  Licenciado Hernando 
Santiesteban, born in Alcalá la Real, (son of Fernán Pérez de Santiesteban and Leonor de Salcedo, 
Fernán's parents were Francisco de Santa Cruz Santiesteban and María de Vioslada, and Francisco's parents were Hernán 
Sánchez Santiesteban and Catalina García, who were all well known and reputed to be hidalgos of noble stock in Alcalá, as it is justified in the Informativo (Declaration of nobility) from 1614, done in Alcalá by  Prebyster Pedro Frías Valderas, who sent a copy of it to  Bayamo enclosing along, another copy of an Informativo  from 1517 which had been done at the request of Francisco de Santa Cruz Santiesteban, Dowry settlement letter for Teresa Vázquez Valdés de Coronado recorded at the Oficio de Cabildo for the year 1630 in folio (page) 31. Hernando left several Chaplaincies and paid for the building of St. Joseph’s Chapel, next to the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi. His Last Will and Testament was recorded at the Oficio de Cabildo for the year 1587 folio 6. Sole issue: Fernando de Santiesteban, 
Alférez Mayor (Ensign Major). M2- Lupercio de Céspedes, with whom she had no issue. Teresa’s Last Will and Testament was recorded at the same Oficio de Cabildo for the year 1627 folio 87.

#4.- Francisco Vázquez, second child of #1, was Alguacil Mayor (Major or High Constable of the Courts) since 1615. He married Catalina Pérez de Nava y Merlo, dau. of  Cpt. Alvaro Pérez de Nava and Mariana de Merlo. Issue:  Diego, Cleric and Deacon, and María Vázquez. He left $962 (in gold) to create a Capellanía (Chaplancy).  His Last Will and Testament was recorded at Oficio de Cabildo for the year 1627.
#5.- Alonso Vázquez, third child of #1, there is no further news about his whereabouts, it is presumed he became a Presbyter.  
#6.-PEDRO VAZQUEZ, fourth child of #1, was Cavalry Captain and Alcalde ordinario. He married GRACIANA AGRAMONTE Y PONCE, dau. of Clemente Agramonte Gaztañaeta, [possibly born in Azpeitía, Vizcaya], and María Ponce de Guevara. Issue: Graciana, Teresa, María and Juan
Vázquez.  Graciana's Last Will and Testament was recorded at the Oficio del Número in the year 1660 folio 84.
#7.-MARIA DE MIRANDA, fifth child of #1.  Married Capitán Francisco de Varona y Saravia, “el Viejo” ( the Elder), who, according to his son, was born in Santo Domingo, in the island of La Española. He was Lieutenant General for the Santiago de Cuba province. Regidor (Alderman) in 1635, he was named a Commissioner along with the Alcalde ordinario ESTEBAN DE MIRANDA, and was later appointed Juez de Bienes de Difuntos (Magistrate in the Tribunal of Estates ) Issue: Francisco de Varona,  MARIA DE MIRANDA, and María Saravia.            
#8.-Francisco de Varona, “el Mozo” (the Younger), first child of #7, married Teresa Vázquez Valdés de Coronado, dau. of Lcdo. Hernando 
Santiesteban and Teresa Vázquez #3. They had no issue. His  Last Will and Testament was recorded at the Oficio del Número in the year 1659 folio 87.              
#9.-MARIA DE MIRANDA, second child of #7, better known as MARIA ALEMAN, married Esteban de Miranda Argüelles y Manuel de Figueroa, born in Puerto Príncipe, Alcalde ordinario in 1625, was named  a Commissioner along with
( his father in law) Francisco de Varona y Saravia, to welcome Governor Pedro de Fonseca Betancourt. Issue: Francisco and María de Varona, and Juan de Miranda, the name of the other children is not known as they all moved to Puerto Príncipe. There is no further news on María de Saravia, third child of #7
In Jaruco HFC Vol.VI pag. 349 it says that Cpt. Francisco de Varona  y Saravia, married María Isabel Vázquez Valdés de Coronado y Miranda #7 above.  
María de Varona y Vázquez Valdés de Coronado, #9 above, was also known as María de Miranda. According to Jaruco she left a Last Will and Testament in Puerto Principe dated July 3, 1666, wife of Esteban de Miranda Argüelles y Manuel de Figueroa. Issue:
María de Varona, married Antonio de Velasco y Miranda, son of Juan García de Velasco, born in Úbeda, (son of Antón and María) and Bárbola Miranda de la Cova, (dau.of  Juan de  Miranda Herrera and Francisca de la Cova y Consuegra), HFC T. VI pags. 340-342 LINEA SEGUNDA. 
I will continue the rest another day as I am very tired now, but at least you have a correction to Jaruco as Graciana  Agramonte
 y Ponce married Pedro Vázquez #6  and not his father #1 as his second wife. Cpt Juan Vázquez Valdés de Coronado whose line appears but who is not linked in Jaruco is the son of this couple.
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PS This Vázquez de Coronado line can be traced back further in Spain.